Raid 2


Your city is under attack!

An anti-aircraft turret has hastily been installed on a building in the center of the city. It's all been placed on your shoulders now: if you can fend off the hoards of airplanes in 10 heart-pumping assault waves, then you win! But if you can't, well...

Features full 3D graphics and a mood-setting soundtrack recorded by Isaac Jacobs & the Abrahams.

All design and development was performed by Steven Wallace using C++, Allegro, AllegroGL, OpenGL, libvorbis, cURL, and possibly other libraries as well.

Note that this game was developed for the TINS Is Not Speedhack 2008 competition, and as such was developed in its entirety over the course of 72 hours, with the exception of the soundtrack which was previously recorded. In my opinion, it's quite an exciting game regardless of the quantity of time spent on it. But that said, there are definitely a few bugs creeping around. It won 4th place awards for best overall game, fullfilling the technical requirement of using the atan2 function, and for the genre of "destruction".